Karonga United says after learning lessons from the previous years the team will no longer recruit players from beyond Songwe border.

Previously Karonga United brought to the Malawi elite league players like Mischeck Seleman, Azizi Mwakifuna and Balikinyo Mwakanyongo who had Tanzanian roots, however, the team now believes that was problematic.

Two of these players Mwakanyongo and Seleman joined Mighty Mukurru Wanderers and Nyasa Big Bullets respectively but after playing in the Super League for sometime, they left to return to Tanzania in midseason.

Mwakanyongo left for good while Seleman later returned to his club, Bullets.

According to Karonga United General Secretary Ramsey Simwaka, as the club is making plans for the 2023 season they have agreed not to take on board players from across Songwe border to avoid similar instances.

"We (only) will promote players from our reserve side as well as sign other players from teams that play in the Northern Region Football Association league but not to take on board players beyond Songwe border," he said.

Simwaka further said that it is high time Karonga United win a trophy this season having played top flight football for a long time now.

The team, well known as Ingwina (crocodiles) by its supporters reached the finals of the Airtel Top 8 in 2019 when they were beaten 1-0 by Silver Strikers.