Football loving fans in the country will be hit by a heavy blow following a government decision to limit to only a 100 the number of people who can gather at one place due to the increasing cases of people testing positive of Covid 19.

As of Monday 21 December 2020, the country had registered 41new cases of people tested positive of the virus taking the total of people with the virus across the country to 162.

Addressing the media on Tuesday 22 December 2020, Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda said with the increasing number of cases of covid 19, government has restriction of 100 people for every gathering and has also closed all boarders with immediate effect.

"Government has decided to put in new measures against the spread of covid 19 that all public gatherings will be of a maximum of 100 people. The restriction of 100 people for every gathering will equally apply to football matches, crossovers scheduled for December 31,” the minister said.

This means that teams in the TNM super league will be hit by cash shortage during the 2020/21 season which kicked off on 28 November 2020 as most of the teams depend on gate.