Central Region Football Association Chairperson Austin Ajawa is set to return his seat when the association goes to the polls after he was named the sole candidate for the post.

Earlier reports indicated that former Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Vice Chairperson, James Mwenda, who was defeated in FAM Presidential elections last December, would seek a return to football by challenging Ajawa.

Communication from FAM indicates Ajawa is the only candidate nominated for CRFA chairmanship.

At least two other positions (Secretary General held by Benard Harawa and Vice Secretary General, Antonio Manda) will also go unopposed.

News of Ajawa being without challengers at has not proved to be universally popular.

Sports Analyst, Kimu Kamau does not think failure to challenge Ajawa for the top job represents progress.

“Football elective conferences must not be time for those with voting powers to fatten their pockets. Rather, this must be the time for making decisions that will help improve Malawi football,” Kamau said.

The renowned football pundit added that there must be mind set change and only people who have passionate in football must be elected.

CRFA elections will be held on November 15.